About us

Fonbelle Paris, specialist since 1995 of gourmets products, offers a selection of the best french specialties with innovative packagings. Chocolates, biscuits, foie gras and spirits, our products are carefully selected so to offer exceptional products. 

Strong concept combining pleasure and souvenir products

  • With more than 20 years of experience and thanks to a unique know-how, we develop premium souvenirs products
  • Thanks to a partnership with the Eiffel Tower Exploitation Company, Fonbelle Paris is proud to provide you with a large range of gourmets products made in elegant and innovative packaging, with the image of the shinning Eiffel Tower

A specific and innovative positioning

  • We create unique souvenir products based on each country specificity and symbol
  • We also have the flexibility to personalize the products according to your requirements

A selection of premium products from France

  • An exquisite attention is given in choosing the most prestigious products as to offer the best to our consumers
  • Pure French know-how manufacturing